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Why is it beneficial?

Photobiomodulation therapy (PBM) – more commonly known as Red Light therapy – stimulates the mitochondria in your cells, which is an essential part of producing energy and maintaining cell health. See the articles linked below or check out my YouTube channel for in-depth looks on specific PBM light therapy benefits.


Regular PBM therapy sessions help to:




If you live close enough to come in person, we HIGHLY recommend doing so! We have 2 full size panels that will cover every inch of your body with this amazing healing light. PBM treatments only take 10 minutes and you can come in up to 3 times a week (recommended for the first 2-3 months). Call the office today at (602) 864-0304 to get started! We have the best prices in the Valley. Located in Phoenix, Arizona

Our in-office panels have 900 bulbs each (1800 in total between the two) and have wavelengths of 630nm, 660nm, 810m, and 850nm. These are the wavelengths that are the best!

Office Hours: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays from 7am-1pm and 3pm-6pm



Single Visit: $25 per visit

Visit with Chiropractic or Massage Therapy visit: $10 add on

One-Month UNLIMITED use: $65

BEST VALUE: Subscription for UNLIMITED monthly use: $55



Don’t Live Close Enough to Come in Person?

No problem! You can get an At-Home Device Here. Use code Dr.Kilcup5% to save money




Do you have any other questions? Take a look at our FAQ below, and feel free to call the office at (602) 864-0304 with any additional questions.

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What is Photobiomodulation therapy?

Photobiomodulation therapy is a special kind of treatment that uses light to help our bodies heal and feel better. It’s like giving our cells a gentle boost of energy to make them work better, which can promote healing, reduce pain, and improve our overall wellbeing.

How does PBM light therapy work?

PBM light therapy works by shining special wavelengths of light onto our bodies. This light goes deep enough to go into our cells and helps them work better. It’s like giving our cells a boost of energy, which can help them heal faster and reduce pain. For a more in-depth information read this article.

What conditions can be treated with PBM therapy?

PBM therapy can be used to treat various conditions. It has been proven to help those with diabetes, Alzheimer’s, depression, anxiety, eczema, insomnia, neuropathy, Hashimoto’s (and other thyroid-related conditions), alopecia, macular degeneration, and even cancer.

What are the benefits of PBM treatment?

PBM treatment has several benefits. It can help reduce pain, promote faster healing, and decrease inflammation. It can also improve skin health (wrinkles, acne, etc.), boost our immune system, and even help with things like hair growth.

Is Photobiomodulation therapy safe and does it have any side effects?

Photobiomodulation therapy is generally considered safe when used properly. It’s always important to use PBM therapy the way it was intended and follow all instructions given with an at-home device or during an appointment. It is non-invasive and does not involve any harmful radiation.

Is Photobiomodulation therapy the same as Red Light Therapy?

Yes, Photobiomodulation therapy is a type of therapy that uses red light. Red Light Therapy is a broader term that can include other uses of red light, such as cosmetic treatments or mood enhancement. So, while Photobiomodulation therapy is a form of Red-Light Therapy, not all Red-Light Therapy is specifically Photobiomodulation therapy.

How can I get the most benefit from Photobiomodulation therapy?

To get the most benefit from Photobiomodulation therapy, it’s important to follow the recommended guidelines. While at-home devices are great, some may not be strong enough or large enough to help your condition. It is best to get treatments from full-sized panels, as this will give you the most exposure to the light. Make sure to receive the therapy from a trained professional who can determine the right dosage and treatment duration for your specific condition. Consistency is key, so attend the recommended number of sessions and maintain a regular treatment schedule to maximize the potential benefits.

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