Virtual Care

I can hear you, “Hey, how can you fix my back over the internet?”

That is a great question, and you’re right, I can’t physically fix your back without getting my hands on you.  It is very frustrating for me when I know that if I could just see the patient in person, I could fix his/her problem.  Issues with muscles, joints and fascia require a hands-on approach.  Often though,  I can direct people to someone in their area who can provide the kind of care they need.  I don’t charge anything for this kind of help, and I sincerely enjoy helping people.  So please contact me with any questions you have, and I will do my best to help you.

However, for difficulties other than musculoskeletal ones, I am often able to help patients who are not physically able to come to my office.  Of course there are exceptions, and I can’t help every long distance patient, but it is surprising just how much we are able to help patients who don’t live nearby.  This kind of care is called “virtual care.”

What does working with Dr. Kilcup virtually look like?

The first step in working virtually with Dr. Kilcup is getting him up to speed on what your health problem is.  To do this Dr. Kilcup needs the Functional Medicine Patient History filled out.

If after reviewing this information Dr. Kilcup thinks he can help, an initial consultation will be set up. Most of the time this meeting is over the phone and the internet.  Dr. Kilcup will email you the documents he wants to go over with you over the phone.  During this initial meeting Dr. Kilcup will discuss your history with you to make sure he understands what is going on.  In order to get to the root of the problem, most patients need advanced functional medicine testing.  Dr. Kilcup will explain the tests you need and answer any questions you have.

The kinds of testing needed varies greatly from patient to patient.  Sometimes routine blood tests are all that is needed.  For these kinds of routine tests, Dr. Kilcup will send you a blood work order, and you will take the order to the draw facility to get the testing done.  Advanced testing may involve stool, urine, blood, breath, and saliva.  These advanced tests are usually done through specialty labs.  Often you will perform part of the test at home and then ship the test in the shipping supplies provided.  Whatever the test, Dr. Kilcup’s staff will walk you through each test, and make sure everything is done right.

Once the test results are in, Dr. Kilcup will meet with you virtually and provide you with a detailed report explaining the test results and treatment.  Treatment will include diet, lifestyle, supplements, and if necessary, a referral for any other investigation or therapy that Dr. Kilcup cannot provide.

Once treatment begins, Dr. Kilcup will stay in contact with you to make sure things are going good.  In most cases re-testing will be needed to ensure that the treatment is working.

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