What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine doctors are trained to scientifically find the cause of health problems.  Functional medicine utilizes an in depth comprehensive history, the most state of the art, cutting edge, advanced testing, along with an in depth understanding of basic human physiology, to uncover what has gone wrong in the body. Click here to read all about it!

Do I need to see Dr. Kilcup at his office to get help?

Dr. Kilcup prefers to see his patients in person if possible. If that isn’t possible, for most cases Dr. Kilcup can still help. Once Dr. Kilcup gets your history and medical records, he will be able to give you specifics on exactly what her can and cannot help with.

Does insurance cover functional medicine?

The only thing medical insurance might cover is standard blood testing. Everyone’s policy is different, so we help our patients call their insurance to get the exact coverage their policy provides.

Is functional medicine covered by my health savings account?

Appointments and testing are usually covered by HSA’s. Treatment costs are not usually covered.

Do Health Sharing Ministries cover functional medicine?

Our experience is that ministries like Samaritan Ministries have great coverage for functional medicine. Please check with your specific plan.

What is the first visit for Functional Medicine?

The first appointment for a new functional medicine patient is called a “Get Acquainted Visit”. (Keep reading for what that means.)

What does Dr. Kilcup do on the Get Acquainted visit?

Before meeting with the patient Dr. Kilcup will review your history and any medical records provided.

During the visit, Dr. Kilcup will:

  • Go over the possible issues he suspects are causing the patient’s problems.
  • Provide the patient with a document showing all the needed testing and costs.
  • Answer all the patient’s questions and work with the patient to come up with the best next step.
How much does the Get Acquainted visit cost?


What do I need to do before my Get Acquainted visit?

In order for Dr. Kilcup to be able to help you he needs you to fill out the Functional Medicine Patient History.

How much does the testing cost?

The cost of testing is different for each patient. The cost can range from $100 to $3000. If a patient needs lots of testing but can’t afford it all, we simply start with what the patient can afford. This approach works fine as long as the patient understands that the progress can be slower this way.

Why is the testing so expensive?

It’s true that testing is not cheap. The testing we use is the very best available. Compared to other medical tests though, the cost for the testing we do is a bargain and an incredible value.

After I get the testing done, what's next?

When Dr. Kilcup is done analyzing your test results and writing up a detailed report and treatment plan, he will email you to let you know it’s time to schedule your INITIAL Functional Medicine Analysis and Treatment Plan Consultation. During this one hour appointment, Dr. Kilcup will go over everything with you and answer all your questions.

How much does the Initial Functional Medicine Analysis and Treatment Plan Consultation cost?

$350. This cost covers your one hour appointment and all necessary communication with Dr. Kilcup over the course of the treatment plan. So if you have any problems during the treatment, it costs nothing to contact Dr. Kilcup to get help. Generally, treatment plans are two to three months long.

How much does treatment cost?

Costs for treatment are different for each patient. Every treatment plan is unique. Some patients are going to require a complex treatment plan that could cost as much as $2500 for 2-3 months. On the other hand, for patients with minor issues treatment costs are around $500.

What does the treatment for functional medicine look like?

Every patient treatment plan is specific to the patient. Treatment plans always include diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplements. Supplements can include herbals, vitamins, minerals and specific foods.

Why can’t I buy my own supplements that Dr. Kilcup recommend for me?

After many years, I’ve had to make a policy that my patients need to get the supplements I recommend from me. Sometimes patients are glad I take care of this for them, and sometimes they would prefer to get supplements on their own. I’ve written this for those patients wondering why they must get the supplements I recommend from my office.

  1. Labels can be confusing. It often difficult to understand what is on the label of a supplement. In the past, when I would give my patients general recommendation on what nutrients they needed, and they would go to the store to get them, what they got was not what they needed. Amounts of nutrients, forms of nutrients and other ingredients are vitally important to get right. These subjects are complicated and constantly changing. I spend a good portion of my time researching these topics to make sure that my patients are getting what they need.
  2. Labels can be deceiving. Very frequently what is on the label is not what’s in the pill or vice versa. There have been numerous investigations by organizations like Consumer Reports that have documented that too often supplements labels do not match the supplement in the bottle. There are hundreds of supplement makers out there. Knowing which companies are trustworthy and which aren’t takes some expertise and time to research. This is something I take very seriously, not just for my patients’ health but for my very own family.
  3. Storage affects potency. If a quality supplement is not been stored correctly the nutrients will be destroyed. This is a real problem with big internet stores. Often, they buy in bulk and store supplements in warehouses where temperatures can vary greatly. By the time the supplement is delivered to the consumer there is no guarantee that it is any good.
  4. Unknown quality makes treatment difficult. When a patient gets his/her own supplements and the treatment doesn’t work, I cannot know whether we need a different treatment or if the supplements are the problem. Most of the time my first treatment plan works great, but sometimes it’s necessary to try a second or third to find the one that works. If each time the quality of the supplement is an unknown variable, it can be impossible to know what is needed to get a stubborn problem fixed.
  5. Testing proves what works. I know which supplements work best based on testing my patients before and after treatment. For example, I know which probiotics are good because I test patients after they have taken my probiotics to make sure they worked. This kind of knowledge, gained over years of experience, is invaluable in successful treatment.
  6. You will save money. The #1 reason patients want to get their own supplement is to save money. Believe me, I understand! That’s actually one reason I require my patients to get the supplements I recommend from me. This is why:
    • No money is wasted on the wrong supplements. My patients get exactly what they need the first time.
    • I am always looking for the best value. I know what is quality and I know what is a good price. My patients benefit from my expertise in this area.
    • The fees for my time are lower. Because I profit from the supplements, I can charge less for my time. Physicians who do not profit from supplements must charge more for their time.
What happens after I finish my treatment plan?

When you finish your treatment plan you will update your history, letting Dr. Kilcup know what’s changed over the course of the treatment. Dr. Kilcup will look at your initial testing and how you’re doing, to decide which tests need to be re-done. The re-testing is very important to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment plan. Once all the re-testing results are in, Dr. Kilcup will analyze them and create your report and next treatment plan. From there things generally go the same way until the patient no longer needs Dr. Kilcup’s help.

How long will I need to be treated?

Some problems are relatively quick and easy to fix, and others problems can take years to fully recover from. Dr. Kilcup will be able to give you a more specific answer to this question once he sees your medical history.

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