Sinus Infections can be extremely frustrating and at times difficult to resolve.  In 2012, I published a post titled “When a “Sinus Infection” is a Neck Problem.”  To date that post has been viewed 70 thousand times and has 300 comments.  Clearly, there are a lot of people suffering from and not getting their sinus infections resolved.

I created a document that helps figure out the possible cause of sinus problems.  You can download the PDF HERE.

One reason sinus problems can be so difficult to fix is that there are many different causes.  Today I’m going to write about another very common, but often overlooked, cause of sinus problems.  For fun I will share with you a story of a patient who was suffering from sinus problems that turned out to be caused by trouble in her intestines.

As you can see by the video this article could have been called “When a Migraine is an Intestinal Problem” or “When Acne is an Intestinal Problem” or “When Fatigue is an Intestinal Problem” or “When PMS is an Intestinal Problem.”  So many conditions can be caused by an unhealthy gut!

Everything in the body is interconnected.  Often the mistake doctors make is not looking at the big picture.  Sometimes the symptoms a patient has is not obviously connected to the cause of the symptom.  A Functional Medicine Approach looks beyond the initial assumptions often connected to a symptom to find the root source for the problem.

Sinus problems can be difficult to resolve because the reason for the problem may not be in the sinus.  If the patient in the video had had a CAT scan it would have been normal.  I often hear from my patients that their doctor did “all the tests” and they came back normal.  I hope this story helps you understand not only how a “Sinus Infection” can be caused by an intestinal problem, but how a symptom is often caused by something not directly connected to the symptom.

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