Being from Arizona I was shocked when my wife tested positive for Lyme. That was years ago. Since then I have studied everything I can find on the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme.

In this video I will share with you some of the highlights in the diagnosis and treatment for Lyme Disease.

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The Functional Medicine Approach to Lyme

Lyme disease is a condition that the functional medicine approach is a great fit for. Getting patients well requires more than just killing bacteria. If you think you might be suffering from Lyme, I would love to help you. This disease is very personal for me. I’ve seen up close and personal just how debilitating chronic Lyme can be. Unfortunately this is one disease that standard medicine has a long way to go in understanding how to diagnose and treat. Most patients with Lyme who go to their regular doc will not be diagnosed or they will be misdiagnosed. Because I tend to see patients who have already been to many doctors without getting well, I screen almost everyone for immune markers for Lyme. It still amazes me how often patients test positive.

Still, most patients I see do not have Lyme. Thanks to functional medicine I am able to help. It’s not unusual for my patients to have problems with multiple systems in their body. I commonly see patients with some sort of intestinal problem, hormone imbalance, and several nutritional deficiencies. When there are multiple systems in the body that are not working right, the symptoms are often very diverse. This is where a very comprehensive history and testing can unravel the most mysterious illnesses.

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