babyWe took our 3 month old colicky baby to see Dr. Kilcup and my only regret is not taking him sooner. Prior to going to see Dr. Kilcup my baby looked so uncomfortable most of the time was extremely fussy and had a cry that was inconsolable at times. We had tried gas drops gripe water and everything their is to try to help our baby but nothing really fixed the problem so we decided to take our baby in to see him based on his great reviews and it really was the best decision we made. He was super gentle with our baby and now our baby is all smiles and content and when he cries it’s for obvious reasons diaper change, tired, hungry, or he just wants attention. I highly recommend if you have a baby that is crying or fussy for no obvious reason to take them to see Dr. Kilcup I’m so glad we did. Plus, he has an amazing staff that just makes you feel comfortable as soon as you walk in the door.

~Jaedon Martinez