PageLines-a_birch.jpgI went to Dr. Kilcup originally for help with insomnia. I would get 1-3 hours of sleep every night at the most. Also, every time I ate I would feel really sick. Obviously I couldn’t stop eating and I needed to sleep eventually so I went to Dr. Kilcup for help. He asked me about my symptoms and was able to quickly diagnose me with Leaky Gut. He was great about being up front with me and explained his conclusion in a way I would understand. Then, he got me on an all natural plan to fix it. This involved a strict diet and natural supplications. Although it wasn’t fun cutting half my diet out, I felt so incredible after a month it was easier after that. I was sleeping at least 5 hours a night easy, and I didn’t feel sick at all! I finally felt normal! I would definitely recommend Dr. Kilcup for anyone who would like a natural fix for digestion problems.

~Aletheia Birch