Classic Version

If you are an allergy sufferer and your nose is like a faucet due to seasonal allergies, have I got some really good news for you.  I am surprised how many people have never heard of the Neti Pot.  This sucker, well it’s not a sucker it more like a pusher, can help bring immediate relief to sinus problems.  It does not use any drugs, it does not create dependence, and it is extremely inexpensive!  There are two versions of the Neti Pot.

High Performance Version!

The classic version is for the timid at heart who need life to be calm, gentle.  If your sinus problems are mild the classic version will do the job just fine!

The high performance version is for the wild at heart.  If the idea of being in control and squeezing the most out of life sounds good to you, this baby is what you want.  If you would describe your sinus problems as moderate or worse, the high performance version is going to serve you much better.

Watch the videos for great instructions.  There are a few things the videos don’t bring up that I want to let you know.

Before I continue I want to be sure that you’re aware that sinus problems can come from other things than allergins.  I created a free helpful document to help figure out where a sinus problem is coming from.  Just click HERE to download the PDF.

First off, the water does not need to be distilled.  It can be reverse osmosis or any water that is free from bacteria.  You don’t want to be putting more bugs in your nose.  The temperature of the water is really important.  The water needs to be “your” temp.  If the water is too cold it cause a nausea like feeling, and it the water is too hot…it Burns!   The best way I’ve found to get the temp just right is to put the water against the inside of the wrist.  If you can’t feel the water against your wrist the temp is perfect.  It’s weird–when the temperature of the water is just right,  you can’t feel the water as it passes through your sinuses.

If you use the high performance version, put the water in the bottle and then put it in the microwave without the cap.  You do not want the cap hot when you put in in your nose!  I add the salt after I heat the water, then put the cap on and shake that baby real good.

DO NOT USE this thing without salt or with iodized salt, because IT BURNS!  So get non-iodized salt and you will be happy!

After you use it, gently blow your nose one nostril at a time.  As you blow, lean forward and turn your head left and right.  It really helps get all the water out.

When I am done with my nasal irrigator I like to wash it with soapy water.  Then I put the whole thing in the microwave for 3 minutes  to make sure it is completely disinfected.

Here is the high performance version in action!

Here is the classic version in action!

If you suffer with allergies you’re crazy not to do this. I have found that sometimes I need to do this a couple of times if my allergies are really bad. Basically, use this tool as you need to. If your sinuses are really bad often, it would be wise to do this morning and evening regardless of how you feel.

I have free samples that I give my patients, so if you need one let me know and you can pick it up.

Has anyone used something like this?  I would love to hear your perspective!

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