Have you ever had a headache where it feels like your brain is being shrink wrapped?  In 2003 some connections between the muscles in the upper neck and the spinal meninges were discovered. (Click HERE for the paper documenting the discovery)  I still find it amazing that these kinds of discoveries are happening.  With all the doctors and all the technology studying the human body I am amazed that we don’t know all the anatomical connections in the body.  It keeps me humble and open minded when it comes to new things in healthcare.

The meninges are 3 layers of thin tissue that surround the brain and spinal cord.

These muscles are located right at the top of the back of the neck.  When they tighten up they pull the meninges tight.  As you could imagine that could put pressure around the brain.  Pressure on the brain is a bad thing and can cause headaches.

The good news is that this kind of headache can be fixed!  Some good home treatments include massage.

Actually some real simple techniques can often bring relief.  If you can get someone to help have them place their hands like this photo:

Position of the hands for treating headaches.

Then lie down so that it looks something like this:

From this position have your helper move their fingers along the base of the skull and find sore spots.  When a sore spot is found just apply pressure there until the soreness lets up.  Often times this can provide substantial relief.

If these kinds of headaches occur often it means that the upper neck is not working correctly.  Good chiropractic care is the perfect treatment for these kinds of headaches because it restores normal function to the spine.  When the neck is working properly the muscles do not go into spasm and the meninges are not under tension the head does not ache!  I have had the joy of seeing many people over the last 19 years get relief from terrible headaches.

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