Natural melatonin is a hormone your body makes that helps you sleep and relax. However there are things we do that can make it harder for our bodies to make melatonin. In this quick video you will learn this simple, free, effective and scientific way to increase your natural melatonin!


If you’re struggling with insomnia and you don’t get outside much this might be for you too! If you or a loved one are suffering with a condition linked to low melatonin (dementia, mood disorders, severe pain, cancer, diabetes type 2 and insomnia) and want to see if your melatonin levels are ok, get your melatonin tested! The best testing is going to measure levels at three times during the day (saliva samples). That way in addition to overall levels of melatonin, you can see if levels are following the right pattern of low in the morning and high at bedtime. You can ask your doctor if he/she can test it, but chances are you’re going to need a functional medicine doc who knows about this kind of testing.  Reguardless of where you live, I can help. Schedule a “Get Acquainted” visit today and find out!


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