Sitting is really hard on your back and neck.  I can’t think of a daily activity that causes more problems than sitting.  The other day I had a lot of computer work to do, so I decided to listen to some music while I worked.  Soon I found myself groovin’ to my tunes while I worked. Then it dawned on me that this was a really good way to help reduce the many negative effects of sitting.  Then I thought, people might read this but then not do anything about it, so I decided to make a video of myself. That way people could see what I was talking about.

Look, I know I am a bad dancer.  The cool thing is that my bad dancing is good enough to help!  While you laugh at me, consider the fact that something this simple has the potential to reduce or eliminate headaches, neck pain, mid-back pain, low-back pain, TMJ pain, carpal tunnel pain, and even the swelling in the legs related to sitting.  Oh yeah, that’s right!  Hey, TRY IT!  YOU’LL LIKE IT!  If you do join me in this dance, get it on video and I will put it here!