justin_ungerWhen I first visited Dr. Kilcup, I had been struggling for over two years with extreme joint pain and inflammation. I previously visited a number of holistic doctors and specialists looking for answers, but really didn’t find anything that helped. After a few visits with Dr. Kilcup he recommended that I go through a series of tests with him to find out if my joint issues have something to do with my diet. Sure enough within a few weeks, we found out that I have been eating certain foods that I am allergic to and that my body has been trying to fight against (causing joint inflammation). Immediately He put me on a new eating routine and within even a few days, an incredible change has taken place. I can finally exercise that way I always have and I am getting a lot more sleep and rest. Together with my monthly chiropractic adjustments and new diet, I feel so much better. My name Is Justin Unger, I am 34 years old and I approve this message!

~Justin Unger