If you have back pain and you go to a medical doctor, you are going to the wrong person. In the same way that if you had chest pain and you went to your chiropractor you would be going to the wrong person. The big difference is that if you come to me with chest pain, I will personally take you to the ER if I have to.  If you go to your medical doctor with back pain he/she will most likely not refer you to the doctor that has the treatment with the most scientific evidence proving that it works best. Research has proven time and time again that chiropractors are the most qualified doctors when it comes to treating back pain. Research has proven time and time again that chiropractic care gets people with back pain better faster, cheaper, and with less complications then any other type of care. The research is now so overwhelming that if a doctor does not at least recommend chiropractic care to a patient with back pain their competency should be questioned.

There is a huge problem with pain killing drugs. Yet pain killing drugs are prescribed for back pain all the time even when there is overwhelming proof that this is ineffective, dangerous and can be the beginning of someone’s addiction to them. For twenty years I have successfully treated all kinds of very painful conditions without the use of any drugs. Why use these drugs with all of their problems if they are not needed?

I could go on and on about the overuse, abuse, and incorrect use of all kinds of treatment for back pain and I will as time goes on. For now I would highly recommend the articles below. They explain much of what I have written in great detail with excellent scientific references. I would love to hear what you learn from reading these articles. I guarantee you will learn lots.

Back Surgery: Too Many, Too Costly, Too Ineffective

Back Surgery: Too Many, Too Costly, Too Ineffective, Part 2

Back Surgery: Too Many, Too Costly, Too Ineffective, Part 3

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