The dangers from Mercury are real. It can be confusing knowing what is safe to eat especially when it comes to eating fish. That’s frustrating when a person is trying to eat fish to be healthy but instead is getting lots mercury!

Today I found this great infographic over at about which fish are ok to eat and which ones to avoid.  The information on the infographic is consistent with the research I have seen about mercury in fish

If you happen to be eating a meal with a fish that might be high in mercury, there is something you can do to reduce the amount of mercury the body absorbs.  If you eat organic strawberries (conventional ones are high in pesticides) or cilantro or take a chlorella supplement with the fish, very little of the mercury will get absorbed in the body.

So enjoy fish!  They are full of valuable nutrients that are essential for good health.  Just avoid the ones that are going to be high in mercury.