For the last 26 years I have been treating people with back and neck pain.  Besides helping get my patients out of pain, I consider teaching my patients how to prevent their back and neck pain to be my most important job.  I spend time each visit with my patients teaching them how to stay pain-free.

Over the years I have observed one common denominator with most of my patients who suffer with back and neck pain.  I have no studies to prove what I am presenting here.  I have never read what I am writing.  I did not learn this in school or in post graduate education.  I have learned this in the trenches working with my patients to figure out what is causing their problems to re-occur.  If you have any doubt about what I am about to teach you do what I say is the most common  cause of back and neck pain and see how you feel.  Then make an appointment to see me so I can fix you :).

To make this lesson a little more fun for you I put together this slideshow for your enjoyment, entertainment and education.  Why would I do that?  Its simple!  Its because I love ya!

So what did you think?  Think about your life and when your back or neck pain flairs up.  Obviously sustained posture is not the ONLY thing that causes pain but in my experience it is the most common cause.  If you have back or neck pain that is reoccurring, do some detective work and see if you can figure out where the sustained posture is.   Then get creative and figure out how to mix it up a bit.  All you need to do is come up with ways to keep things from getting stuck.

The most common sustained posture that I see hurting my patients is looking down.  It doesn’t matter if you are sitting or standing or lying on your back if your head is bent forward for too long your neck will get stuck like that.  The ways to fix this are just good old common sense.  I made a video and wrote an article on one way to help prevent neck and back pain while sitting.  Almost every week I post excellent articles on ways to prevent getting your back or neck stuck.

Once something gets stuck and starts to hurt, the only thing that will fix it is good Chiropractic treatment.  Good Chiropractic treatment is not when the doctor is finished in under 2 minutes.  What I am talking about here is treatment that addresses all the components of the dysfunctional area.  Good Chiropractic treatment corrects the function of the fascia, muscles, joints and the neurological control of the area .  If all you get is “cracked” by your chiropractor, in my opinion, you are not getting quality care.

Ok so there you go!  I did all the hard work of putting this information together for you for FREE!  I hope this helped you.  Would you do me two favors?  Would you share this information with your friends or family or family friends or facebook friends or twitter followers?  The other thing that I would LOVE is if you added your own comment here.  I love interacting with my readers.  I want to know what you think!  It makes my day when someone reads my stuff and then comments on it.  I’m not looking for complements here.  I want to know what you think about what I wrote.  How have you experienced this?  How have you found ways to avoid getting stuck?  I want to know if you have any questions.  Thanks!

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